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How to Earn Money on

Started by admin 2019-10-27 at 03:18
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I made this post to help a lot of you out there who are still struggling to earn some more money online with KingBTC.

I will explain everything in the post below so keep reading:

#1 Click Surf ads and Bonus ads :- It is one of the most simplest ways to earn with just by clicking some ads everyday

#2 Earn With Offerwalls :- This is one of the best and most popular way of earning with KingBTC. You can easily make around 50,000 to 100,000 satoshis everyday if you complete simple and short surveys ( eg. Wannads, Offertoro ]. Don't give up if you don't qualify for a survey just try the other one and Be Honest, you'll definitely earn a lot with them!

#3 Click Ads on Minutestaff :- A lot of members don't know that there are extra ads on Minutestaff which you can click and get credited instantly! Actually Minutestaff is the most popular offerwall among users because of its simple and small tasks. Click here to visit MinuteStaff

#4 Use PTP :- You can earn upto 2 satoshis per unique visitor and KingBTC has 4 level PTP system. However, dont advertise it on autosurf websites or websites which violate our PTP terms!

#5 Its gonna Be a TIP! :- Login to KingBTC on your Android device or IOS, And visit offerwalls like Adgatemedia and OfferToro. You will get easy app install tasks that are very popular among users.

At last I wanted to tell you that you can earn a lot of money if you try working on the Offerwalls, It might look hard for you in the start, But as you try to complete more surveys/tasks you will love doing it and it will become easy and fun for you to do surveys/ offers in free time.

Besides this, We will be adding more earning ways for you. And Ofcourse, if you have any suggestions dont hesitate to contact us via support ticket or email me directly : [email protected]

All the best

Best Regards.
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